Entry #1

The Best Game ever made and Why?

2009-03-30 09:50:10 by kingbotina

Ok! This post should exist already!
But i want to know 2 things.

1ª What is the best game in Newgrounds?!

2ª What is the best game ever made?!


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2009-03-30 10:01:21

I think Thing Thing Arena 3 is the best, but Portal Defenders is also pretty good...

kingbotina responds:

ty for the coment.
I think Thing Thing arena 3 is the best too


2009-03-30 10:09:46

Best games on Newgrounds would probably be Portal Defender, Bunker, and the Exmortis and Submachine series. In my opinion, of course.

As for the greatest game ever made...well, that's a pretty open question. A lot of games were excellent for their time even if they're crappy compared to modern games, but you can still appreciate them if you keep the context in mind.

The very first game I ever played was The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, back when I was eight. Even though its graphics are considered subpar today, I still love it. Same with the Game Boy version of Yoshi's Cookie (the second game I played).

kingbotina responds:

Ty for your coment.

Lol i think the best game ever and it could be stupid, (well! Now i don't like but when i was a kid I like pokemon very much and Gameboy color too)

But now i think the best game is crysis, sounter strike and world of warcraft. (but i don't have wow XD)

Sry for my bad english because i'm portuguese.


2009-03-30 11:34:23

http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/stat s
theres things like most reviewed and most viewed
not the best exactly but most popular! ;)

kingbotina responds:

Ty, what is the most popular is porn games! XD


2009-05-02 09:54:19

i dunno there are ALOT of games on Newgrounds

kingbotina responds:

Really XD